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(Unregistered)Tue 15-Nov-11 11:08:47
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Disconnection Query

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I woke up this morning to find my internet connect was running really slowly, I did a BT Speedtest and it said my IP Profile had been set to 500kb. Im on ADSL MAX and I usually have a 7000K profile.

The sync is 8128k down and 448k up, with snr of 6db which is normal. It only lost sync 3 times during the night, in which I think it must of been forced to do so remotely. But according to my router logs, it lost PPPoA 70-80 times during the night.

Any Idea's whats causing the PPPoA sessions to drop?
Standard User john2007
(legend) Tue 15-Nov-11 11:20:49
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Re: Disconnection Query

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Guess work I'm afraid. Hopefully one-off maintenance by your ISP. The profile should automatically rise within a day or so (provided your current sync rates are maintained).
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