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Standard User Sylcol
(committed) Mon 04-Feb-19 20:31:56
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[re: helpoort] [link to this post]
I normally leave my phone switched to answer phone these days, if it is a genuine call from someone they will leave a message and I can call back.
Recently because the phone was right next to me I have answered two calls from UK numbers which I did not know. On both occasions the caller has insisted that I had called them because my number was saved by their phone.
No such calls had been made from my number. I had not previously heard of "spoofing" but this would seem to be the case with these two calls.
Am I to understand that had those people answered their phones it would have been someone trying some kind of scam, and because my spoofed number was left they could not be traced.
Heaven knows why or how my number was used.

Anyone else had similar?
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