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Standard User bankpark
(newbie) Tue 19-Nov-19 12:21:41
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Help please

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We are out of contract with BT. We will probably stay with them, after reading horror stories from people who switched, but the question is, which package to subscribe to.
There is no Ultrafast here.
We have a Homehub 6.
We have two boys gaming in rooms upstairs with tp-link wired/wireless extenders, who say their connection isnít as fast as it used to be.
So. I can think of 2 or 3 options.
Go for Complete WiFi, thereby getting a Smarthub 2, which apparently is better than a HH 6, but the mesh disc is frankly unattractive. At least the extenders plug discreetly into a socket.
Buy the Smarthub 2 from Amazon for under £100, see if that improves the sonsí experience, and if not, buy a couple of new extenders too - but what kind, there are dozens of makes and models.
Buy a no-modem router to complement the HH 6. But would that make any improvement, and if so, which one to buy.
We are on a budget.
Itís not an easy call. So, what to do??
Standard User MHC
(sensei) Tue 19-Nov-19 13:00:48
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Re: Help please

[re: bankpark] [link to this post]
The SmartHub will be a good choice. And try to get one free from BT - can be quite easy.

What speed are you seeing and what are te line stats?

With two of them gaming you do not want WiFi or Powerline for their connections as they will introduce latency and potentially slow down their individual connection. Find a discrete way to run a Cat5e/Ethernet cable to te first floor, intsall a small 4 port Gbit switch (£10-20) and then cable out to them.

Use teh WiFi for the remainder of the house.



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Standard User hk11
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 21-Nov-19 15:35:31
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Re: Help please

[re: bankpark] [link to this post]
TBH switching is usually pretty painless.

Most ISPs seem pretty much the same these days. I'd recommend Plusnet, but understand there are still billing issues. frown

Maybe avoid some of the really cheap deals, but I've ended up OK with all but EE in the past: they were *really* bad.

If you need a lot of support there are a few on here that get good marks, but apart from that just choose a reasonably well know one. BT is probably the most well known, although Virgin is goid if you want out and out speed.

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