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Standard User paulb100
(learned) Thu 21-Jul-11 18:11:34
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LAN playing up on new P67A-D3-B3

[link to this post]
this problem happens randomly but at least twice per day...

it will be working fine connecting to the router via lan within 1-2 seconds once windows is loaded, we have an SSD installed and it takes a mere 15 seconds to get to desktop.. internet is available within 1-2 secs (normal) now what happens is all of a sudden when i boot into windows 7 it will not connect.. a red X appears over it.. THEN a yellow triangle with ! in it, when hover mouse over it says connects after APPROX 64 seconds.. ive opened the connection settings and watched it each time and its approx 1:03-1:04 it connects... my router is a Netgear DG834GT 100Mbps and works fine with all the other PC' aint the router as it works for a while - I can fix it by doing a fresh re-install of the driver (uninstall, reboot, reinstall) - when I reboot after that its fine... for a few reboots... then it will just start doing ti again..I will boot into windows and it will take 63-64 seconds to connect and continue to do so for every boot until I re-install driver, does this about 2-3 times per day when on all day/night.

can anyone help me with this? iam desperate as ive just built this £650 PC tower for my dad to play FSX on and its playing up - he lives 350 miles away and we are going up on sunday to take it up where i will only be staying a few days... he is unable to replace boards or do most stuff to fix problems so I must get it sorted before I go up - ive been suffering with this since sunday when I built it and Gigabyte have not replied to my emails and Gigabyte forum staff & users just say "update firmware" which I did tot no avail...

iam really stressed out because I have 2 other computers to sort out by tonight and a website to finish before weekend and this is pee-ing me off cos I cant just leave it and have to spend all my time on it until i know its 100% sorted.

wished i went with the MSI board now.. I chose Gigabyte as i thought they were reliable...obviously not, this isnt the only problem im having.. Vcore is missing from voltages, CPU-z and HWmonitor do not read the Vcore voltage either - but this lan problem is most important for me... whats point of having a £650 PC that boots in seconds if you have to wait for a dodgy LAN connection to connect in 64 seconds after windows is loaded?

any help would be great


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Standard User camieabz
(sensei) Thu 21-Jul-11 18:50:54
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Re: LAN playing up on new P67A-D3-B3

[re: paulb100] [link to this post]
Right, first you need to confirm a few things.

Do you have the most recent BIOS and Gigabyte LAN drivers installed? Double check they are the appropriate drivers for Win7 (and that they are the 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your setup).

Can you go into your BIOS and confirm the status of:

Onboard H/W LAN
Onboard LAN Boot ROM

I'm almost certain the first has to be enabled, but am being thorough. I have a couple of ideas, but would prefer the info first.


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