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(Unregistered)Wed 01-Feb-12 13:11:52
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Printer server

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We have a printer server (windows 2000) that we have been using on our network but has been giving us problems for some time now. We have a spare windows 2003 server (upgraded to 2008 R2) and want to use that as the new printer server.

How easy is it to do that and can someone point us in the right direction?

Standard User Pipexer
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 01-Feb-12 18:45:46
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Re: Printer server

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How many printers is it holding? How many workstations?

I would suggest a clean reconfiguration without using migrating utilities, because you need to avoid carrying [censored] across.

However, there is a utility in 2008 R2 which allows you to migrate print servers: - probably would avoid this myself in most situations given it's a 2000 Server/

If you have any old printers which do not come with proper drivers for later operating systems (Server 2008 / Vista onwards) I would suggest not installing them on the server to reduce instability.

I'd configure the new server manually (i.e., not using the migrate method above) and then have them running side by side, then change your group policies (or whatever, if indeed anything, you are using to deploy the printers) over to the new server gradually, then simply take the old server offline when everyone has migrated across. If you are in a Virtualized environment then you could P2V that server and let it run as a VM for a further few months using less resources et cetera while it's use slowly declines.

If you are concerned about the issue of people having connections to say, "\\w2k-print-server\Mono Printer", you could consider group policy or group policy preferences, or logon scripts, to blast away old printers. Though this is probably only worth investing time in if we are talking several hundred machines which may have issues, otherwise a matter of telling people to reconnect to their new printers or doing some leg work.

You could try taking the old server offline and then adding a CNAME of the old server name pointing to the new server, and keeping printer share names identical but this will probably go wrong for various reasons.

Also, FYI, it is worth installing the Print Server role on Server 2008 R2 for the additional utilities (you have to anyway if you want to use the migration utility)

Side note - regarding instability with your current print server - How much free space do you have on the volume where the print spooler is, and is the volume defragged? It only takes one numpty to print a 1GB file in photoshop to stop it all working properly.

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