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Standard User The_Jimster
(committed) Thu 02-Feb-12 15:18:20
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Help with new HTPC build ?

[link to this post]
ok, so here is the jist of the hardware im gonna use
Antec ISK 100 [case]
Gigabyte E350 [motherboard]
hard drive will be a SSD made by OCZ its in my house dont know exact made model but its a 60gb drive
not planning on putting an optical drive in (dont even think it would fit box anyway lol)
oh and a single stick of 4gb DDR3 1333 (unbranded)
so the case has a 90W power supply provided, on my checks i seem to find this will be plenty to run all the hardware on idle or full load - its planned use will be HTPC
ie playing movies/tv shows streamed from internal network or some simple surfing or youtube'ing for catchup tv and the like - not sure if will have any games but if yes then it will be simply low res ones

i was about to start ordering when i happened to look at the gigabyte page for the board and at the bottom of the specs it say 200W min for this board


a mini-itx board designed for HTPC's (i suspect) and they say it'll be needing 200W
anyone care to let me know if i will hit a problem running the whole setup using the 90W supply or will i actually need the 200W the board claims it needs?

help please....... smile
Standard User Desmond
(sensei) Sat 04-Feb-12 18:00:35
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Re: Help with new HTPC build ?

[re: The_Jimster] [link to this post]
If all you are using is the board, RAM and an SSD then 90W will probably be fine. It almost certainly won't be fine if you added the 3 other SATA devices and graphics card and then hooked up 8 bus powered USB devices that the board could support.


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Standard User The_Jimster
(committed) Sun 05-Feb-12 01:30:42
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Re: Help with new HTPC build ?

[re: Desmond] [link to this post]
thats what i thought
as you say - plan is just for memory, ssd and board itself, granted there will be an external usb connection but it would either be powered external drive or things like keyboard/mouse or some wireless media player remote control type thing
only other connection i can think would be usb charging for mobiles (galaxy s2 not any apple products)

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