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Standard User mikejp
(member) Thu 05-May-16 08:39:50
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Corrupt BIOS

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Just had my second Gigabyte board go down with what appears to be a 'corrupt BIOS' - ie will not boot into splash screen, no error messages, no key options. The first time the board was RMA'd and returned with a cryptic 'corrupted BIOS' message on which the support would not elaborate despite two requests.

This time I'm just replacing the board. At no stage have I attempted any flashing which I understood to be the only route into corruption. I suspect the first problem may have been a manufacturing error since GB would not 'discuss' it, but it really would be useful to know if something else I have been doing could cause this.

Anyone know any other way to screw the pooch, lighting/power surges excepted, of course?.
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