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Standard User Banger
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 16-Mar-19 03:17:08
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I see Maplin is starting to sell tech items again. Very limited at the moment but there are some Corsair hardware items on the site.

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Standard User camieabz
(sensei) Sat 16-Mar-19 06:10:46
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Re: Maplin

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For balance:
(+51% !!)

I love more options, but Maplin's prices are way too high. It tended to be the case in the past too for a lot of the their kit.

Their limited range of brands is also a concern (as it was in the past too). I suppose they hope to cater to the electrical engineer with little IT hardware price/performance knowledge and an extra 25% cash in their pocket (just as PC World cater to the folk with little IT hardware knowledge and more cash). In that sense Maplin are a thinking man's mini-PC World.

Their lack of NVME options (e.g. Samsung or Adata) is not good. The WD Black is of secondary performance, and for the price of a Samsung elsewhere. Limiting their stock to 250GB NVME is also a bad move, as drives larger than 250GB are generally faster overall.

One other valid concern. Their part numbers are not identifiable to a manufacturer part, and not all components have appropriate levels of spec data (e.g. some G.Skill RAM did not have CAS latency listed, so could not be compared with other outlets).

On the plus side, if they have outlets again they will tend to be more convenient in an emergency, if you have cash and need a replacement part same day. I always preferred Maplin for pure electronics or electrical kit if not available on-line or needed that day. This will only apply if they have walk-in premises dotted across the land though.

I'm not anti-Maplin, but there's not way I'll shop there for IT hardware unless the prices are competitive, and I can ID the parts properly with manufacturer part numbers.
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