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Standard User metorical
(newbie) Thu 23-Aug-12 18:43:40
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How many units required?

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I'd be more than happy to do the leg-work to convince people to sign-up if I had an idea of how many sign-ups would be required.

My development consists of four buildings with approximately 1x60 and 3x120 units.

Considering we're on the terrible Poplar exchange (lucky to get > 1mbit) I'm sure there will be lots of interest.
ISP Representative Hyperoptic
(isp) Fri 24-Aug-12 08:51:53
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Re: How many units required?

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Hi Metorical!

Many thanks for getting in touch - I'd like to find more about your development - please drop me a PM with your contact details so we can discuss further.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards


Welcome to the real fibre revolution!
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