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Standard User mikehiow
(committed) Fri 06-Feb-15 16:20:24
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Contracts signed last year, when can I order?

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I spoke to Hyperoptic at the end of the Summer last year, they told me that they had agreed a deal with the management of the development where I live, and were waiting for contracts to be signed.

Come November, I asked if there was any update, and was told the contracts were signed and I'd be updated soon.

At the end of January, my patience got the better of me and I sent a further email asking if there were any updates.

All I got back was "Contracts are signed, if you've registered you'll get an update when we're ready"

It's hard to be patient coming from 80/20 to 8/0.5 over ADSL, especially working in IT and being very dependent on upload speed.

How long have other people waitied for Hyperoptic to start installing etc?

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Standard User Aliturk
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 06-Feb-15 18:38:55
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Re: Contracts signed last year, when can I order?

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Communications aren't their best skill. They're hopeless at keeping people up to date with what's going on.

I think they've got a lot of work on at the moment - in Rotherhithe at least. With us, contracts were signed at the begining of June. Work began on cabling up the building and installing the switches towards the end of August. We then had to wait until mid-november for BT in run fibre to the building from the node in the street. The building went live at the end of November. They'll send invitations to pre-order just as the building goes live. They won't do that before BT have run in the fibre.

I think BT Openreach are the main source to the delays.

If you are in touch with your neighbours it's worth warning them that post live fees are very high if they don't take advantage of the pre-order, and that if they're not ready to have the service when the building goes live because they're mid contract with another ISP, it's worth encouraging them to have a free faceplate installed as this will save a lot of money in the future.

Summary of their charges here for those who don't pre-order or do no t take up the free faceplate offer:

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ISP Representative Hyperoptic
(isp) Fri 06-Feb-15 20:24:03
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Re: Contracts signed last year, when can I order?

[re: mikehiow] [link to this post]
Hello Mikehiow

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear about your experience to date.

There could be a number of reasons why you have yet to become a fully-fledged customer. I'd like to investigate this further however do need a bit more information first. If you could please email the name and postcode for your development, I will find out the reason for the delay. My email address is [email protected]

In the meantime, please be assured your feedback will be shared internally to help shape future communications we're working on currently - you should start to see a difference soon!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes

Head of Marketing

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