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Standard User binary0110
(learned) Sun 11-Jun-17 12:42:15
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Hyperoptic CGNAT - cannot connect to certain websites

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Is anyone having any difficulty connecting to the British Airways website today through I have no problems when I connect through my phone (4G) or my Sky ADSL connection which I haven't yet cancelled.

I called up Hyperoptic and they told me this is a common problem and that the public IP address may have been blocked and I have to call up British Airways to request that they allow a connection from it. I think it is ridiculous that it is the customer's responsibility to contact a website provider to allow a connection through when it the service provider's responsibility to provide the internet connection!

The only other solution I was provided was to pay £5 a month for a static IP. It seems completely unreasonable that I have to pay extra in order to get what should ordinarily be provided as part of the service. Even Sky provided better customer service than this! I am seriously considering going back to my Sky Pro ADSL connection because even though it's slower, at least it works.

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ISP Representative Hyperoptic_CS
(isp) Mon 12-Jun-17 14:20:47
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Re: Hyperoptic CGNAT - cannot connect to certain websites

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Hey there binary0110, We're sorry to hear that you've experienced an issue with the BA website. We can see that our team have already been in contact with you and are working with the network guys to investigate this as a matter of urgency. In the meantime, if there's anything else we can do to improve your experience, please give us a call on 0333 332 1111

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