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Standard User HurdyGurdy
(newbie) Thu 28-Jun-18 15:07:15
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IPV6 with Draytek - IPV6 with static IP not connecting

[link to this post]
Enabled V6 on my draytek 2860 and i seem to be only able to get IPv6 working if using V6 on DHCP. Friendly folks on the HO helpdesk posted me a fixed V6 address but if just enter that, no external connectivity is established
Would i need a public gateway address because got told to leave that blank even for fixed IP.

In parallel, the V6 DHCP only works fine if i leave v4 enabled, which is awkward given the whole point of moving v6 is to be able to stop paying for fixed Ipv4 address !

Strange - any suggestions ?
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