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(newbie) Tue 17-Jul-18 21:09:03
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IPV6 ingress rules - Tilgin router

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Hi all,

not sure where the best place to post this and with the limited success I have been having on my own, I thought I would open it up to the TBB users.

As a start, I realise that there are limitations currently when connecting over publicly routed IPV6s from sources that either do 6 over 4 and so on, but bear with me.

My first and main issue in all of this is configuring ICMP from WAN to the router (I've had this working on the older HyperHub as can be seen in my BQM history) and then also configuring each client to allow access. I may have talked this through myself just now and pieced a few things together that suddenly make sense.

The Tilgin router isn't stateful on the IPV6 firewall rules from what I can see - one would make the assumption that ALL traffic from the wan is blocked, as seen when I try and ping the router from a WAN based service, or even use TBB's BQM. I wonder now, if each client would be manually configured to allow ingress IE Windows Firewall for a Windows based client and so on.

Could be totally wrong, but as this is my first foray into IPV6 configuration I am open to advice and suggestions to get me off the ground and improve my understanding of how things should be configured correctly.

Thanks in advanced.

Hyperoptic - IPV6
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