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Standard User locutus
(experienced) Sun 18-Aug-19 18:45:47
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Speed/Price changes 19th Aug 19

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ISPReview are reporting that from tomorrow, all 20 and 30Mbps customers will be upgraded for free to 50Mbps.

Before they've made customers recontract to get new speeds. (E.g. when 150Mbps launched)

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ISP Representative Hyperoptic_CS
(isp) Mon 19-Aug-19 15:57:17
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Re: Speed/Price changes 19th Aug 19

[re: locutus] [link to this post]
[Hi there! We're proud to have implemented the package that stands between 30 Mb/s and 150 Mb/s, so our customers have a wider choice to make. The variety is what we aim for, so our customers can select the package they find most suitable for their needs. If any upgrade is suggested after thorough connection troubleshooting, please note it's a matter of recommendation and advice.

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