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Standard User Daniel_g
(member) Fri 02-Mar-12 14:57:08
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Cheaper wifi dongle for 2010 and 2011 panasonic smart TV's

[link to this post]
I had a 2010 model of 3d telly at the rip off price they where 15 months ago coming up. Now can get one on a web site shop for £500.

OK does not do the media server thing to get the photos from the computer to the telly using the home network and router.

Mine as £1600 at the time came with glasses and the overpriced panasonic wifi dongle.

Now they ( at least the cheaper 3d ones ) do not have glasses and this usb thingy.
I go so ok but now dad is going to get one of panasonic 3d plasma and similar features and spec but no DNLA to recieve computer.

Point is is has the internet enabled things and iplayer being the best thing to get it on the internet, logged onto the wireless router upstairs for.

Going to use the dongle I had 15 months ago on the bluray recorder, double HD freeview in one box he as got ready to go when telly is bought soon. So that uses my unneeded dongle and plugs in the back out of sight. So what about the telly as that now needs one. £67 or more, I don't think so.

Did a google thing to see if others will work but not hopefull and yes, found out a netgear does of just one model and version number.

Found that confirmed on panasonic site as being honest and say ( and loosing money on their over priced extra!).

If after the wifi dongle when this.

version 2.
£25 on ebay, refurbished.

Job done.

£40 saved, minimum doing quick price for the panasonic original part early thismorning before work.
netgears bit, same job and less money.

OK not very interesting but a money saver as we needed another for dads 2 things and mine is (or will) get used on the freeview recorder so somehow found out about this so pleased as a saving.

A bit sad I know but thought I would share!.

quick panasonic model serch of dongle and looks like it is now known. I did not until accident thismorning.
£80 for original. Having a laugh. £22, same job.
OK a bit more on ebay for a new one with the 12 month garantee I guess not 90 days I am getting but still pleased.

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Standard User Daniel_g
(member) Sat 03-Mar-12 22:13:58
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Re: Cheaper wifi dongle for 2010 and 2011 panasonic smart TV

[re: Daniel_g] [link to this post]
Arrived today, plugged into the telly using the nice short usb extension it came with, did the settings on the telly of what router to use ( so mine strangly enough but picked up loads being a block of flats ), password put in using the remote control and job done, money saved and why £65 or more for original, I got the reconditioned netgear with the cable and little plastic cradle and some square sticky velco stuff for putting onto computer case in the instructions of the web site.

So all ready for dads TV.

If getting a panasonic without the dongle as maybe only the real dear ones have as standard like ours then this is fine, plug in, set up and go.
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