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Standard User time2die
(knowledge is power) Sat 05-Jan-13 15:15:02
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New samsung smart tv and media issues with Mac and Allshare

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Hi all
Just bought a Samsung smart television 3d and all that stuff,trying to get it to connect to a Apple IMac I have in office upstairs so I can stream media such as pictures,music ect.

Have it connected to the Internet no problem through home plugs which work a treat ,but I see this Samsung Allshare does not seem compatable with Mac.

Router is a Netgear 3700 so I downloaded and installed a program called Mybobili which I installed on the Mac but I still can not see this on the Samsung tv.

Does mention opening ports or something but I'm not sure where and how to do this,I was wandering if anybody had similar issues and could point me in the right direction how to get the mac to talk to the samsung tv.

Or alternatively give me some other install options and easier media sharing with other program's

Many thanks.
Standard User IamQ
(experienced) Thu 28-Feb-13 19:59:24
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Re: New samsung smart tv and media issues with Mac and Allsh

[re: time2die] [link to this post]
You can use any DLNA media server for your Mac. Google & download.

The Samsung app is only there version of a default platform used by most TV's so you can use whatever you like.
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