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Standard User JSCP96
(newbie) Sun 03-Mar-19 19:21:27
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Kelly Group/Communications (Advice/Help)

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Hey guys and gals,

I have a 10 working day course tomorrow at St Helens with Kelly Group
/Communications. I got into electrical wiring as a panel wireman. But recently I was let go, but I really loved that type of work and I felt trying to become a Trainee Engineer for BT Openreach would be the perfect job for me. I applied for BT Openreach directly but am still waiting for a response after Iíve just done my video interview but I also applied for Kelly. Kelly got back straight away and wanted me to go on the course but Iím just wondering if anyone works/worked for Kelly and what was your experience like ? Iíve never been self employed that worries me as I have a misses and son to support? But yeah I was just wondering what everyoneís experiences was like. Ideally Iíd wait for BT to come back but money needs to start coming in ASAP. So if anyone could get back to me I would appreciate it! Thank you!

My Kelly position would be Southwest area If that matters at all
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