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Standard User Blacknash
(newbie) Wed 20-Mar-19 13:12:19
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Pre employment checks

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First post so be gentle.

I need some advice and can't find or get any answers regarding this online so trying here.

Basically I've been processed and offered a job and have a start date a few months away.

My concerns are I have some very old spent offences. I don't think they will cause me any issues at the pre employment check stage BUT I don't know 100% that they won't. I have been upfront and honest about these from the start but no one in the recruitment team can give me any advice, they just tell me to contact the onboard team, I have and they have come back with very basic non commital answers telling me to wait for pre employment checks.So I am getting nowhere and going round in cirlcles and they won't give a direct phone number to enable me to discuss this with someone who can give me an answer.

my questions are to you who have already been through your checks.

How far in advance of my start date can I expect to be contacted to have my pre employment checks carried out and then how long after being contacted does it take for them to confirm they are happy with the checks?

What and where and which crb- dbs do they require.

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