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Standard User Adam99
(newbie) Tue 30-Jul-19 16:24:10
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Assessment centre

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Hi Guys, new to this so forgive my ignorance....

just wondering if anybody can help, i originally applied for a BT role on 27th December 2018, i passed the Video interview, and we are now in July, and i am still yet to receive an email regarding the assessment centre, i have had numerous emails saying thank you for your patience, we had more applicants than expected etc etc we will be in contact with you soon, i emailed them over a month ago for an update and did not receive a reply, should i assume that i have not made it to the assessment center stage? or do you still get notified even if you have not made it this far? I have a friend who applied in March this year who lives 5 minutes up the road, they have had an email inviting them to the assessment centre, so i'm worried that its been that long they may have lost my details, any ideas on anything i can do without feeling like i'm pestering them?? Ive reviewed my application and it states Tier 2 however the same message as most people on here saying congratulations we will be in touch with you soon

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