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Standard User L30n1d
(newbie) Sun 01-Mar-20 15:46:07
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Openreach trainee engineer

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Hi to all.

I am new in the forum and I have a weird question.

I ve passed the selection as openreach engineer, and
My start date is due to be later this month.

Unfortunately my personal/family circumstances are changed, and I can not start anymore at that date, and I deeply regret for it.

In case I will confirm this, will I be charged for the cost of the training?

Thanks in advance.
Standard User Aimbot
(newbie) Mon 02-Mar-20 16:39:09
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Re: Openreach trainee engineer

[re: L30n1d] [link to this post]
No, you won’t be charged just explain The situation to the person who invited you to training. They will move the training according to your needs.
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