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Standard User SRJacobs
(newbie) Thu 09-Jul-20 20:52:22
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Openreach Trainee engineer

[link to this post]
Anyone else start their training on august 3rd 2020?

I had a call last week saying that I start training then and I’m going through to initial steps e.g. banking, barring and disclosers etc

I was wondering if anyone else is starting then and if so how far in the process are you? It’s 3 weeks away for me and I haven’t had an email about where the training is and the schedule.

Standard User Zarjaz
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 09-Jul-20 21:15:20
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Re: Openreach Trainee engineer

[re: SRJacobs] [link to this post]
The usual place is Yarnfield near Stoke

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