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Standard User cheshire_man
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 20-Jul-19 15:57:20
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iPad and AOL email

[link to this post]
A friend is unable to deal with her AOL email on her iPad. On her iPhone it's ok, It's also ok from her computers at university.

Googling around it's clear there are, or were, a number of issues with AOL on iPdad, but no single solution.

I'm going round Monday evening to see what I can do. I don't know whether she's using the iPad mail app or another app.

Any suggestions as to things to check, look out for, etc. would be welcome.

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Standard User stniuk
(experienced) Sun 21-Jul-19 14:50:54
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Re: iPad and AOL email

[re: cheshire_man] [link to this post]
If it's an app try deleting and reinstalling, checking login details etc.
If it's using a browser try using a different browser, chrome probably.
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