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Standard User MHC
(sensei) Wed 29-Jul-20 23:39:30
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Deleting in Android

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My phone is running low on memory mainly because of lazy developers making application installable on the in-built memory only leaving te micro-SD almost unused.

There are several unused apps I have removed and also want to get rid of Google Chrome, Google News, YouTube.

Under Playstore, I have set updates to manual and used uninstall on all three - they still show but only with a small, around 1MB usage rather than 100 -200 MB.

Then, under settings go into Apps and set all three as Disabled.

Great - I have an extra 500MB of memory.

Then a few hours later, all three decide to Enable themselves and download a massive amount of update - usually on the network and not WiFi.

I have tried it several times and te same happens.

So, any ideas on how to permanently delete/remove/disable the three applications?



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