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Standard User royhowarth188
(newbie) Tue 17-Sep-13 17:42:23
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zoom 4506 mobile wi fi router can get connected but cannot

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Hi there folks !
About five weeks ago i purchased a ZOOM 4506 mobile router, so that when I go to scotland i can keep a check on emails etc. The instructions stated that a wizard was included to set it up. All I required was a simple setup with no frills and minimum security.Well to cut a long story short i set it up as prescribed ( after consulting with the techies at ) i left all the ISP fields blank as they told me that at switch on the router scans the dongle for the information and uses it to get me online. I made sure that the battery was fully charged , inserted the 3G dongle into the USB port and switched on. I then went on to check up on my Versus 10 android tablet. Very soon it stated 'connected' When I came to use it however with my browser I allways got 'Webpage not available' and with GMAIL I got 'no connection'
I checked the wi fi status icon and it was showing but greyed out Now I know it could not be a password problem as I was not using security. I contacted the ZOOM techies who stated that I should fill in the blank spaces with information that I would get from my ISP. So I phoned up the techies at who once again told me that i do not need the information as the sim card inside the dongle was set to' on ' all the time. Once again i got on to the ZOOM techies and they told me 'Regardless of what three tells you, you do need this information.Now that evening an old pal came around to see me and enquired about the zoom. I told him the story.He had in his pocket hes tiny TP-LINK mobile router , he suggested I try it with my dongle modem which he plugged into the USB port of my zoom modem and switched it on.Within half a minute my tablet was online and webpages were all available. He laughed when he saw the expression on my face when he said that it was set for belgium and he used a ' dongle' which proved that the three techies were right.Please help.Roy.H.
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