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Standard User Fkofilee
(newbie) Fri 19-Apr-19 18:07:07
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Replacement For HomeFi

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Hi Guys

I love the HomeFi but Id like to get something a little more suitable from a consumer aspect.
Can someone suggest a decent Brand / Model.

I was looking at Huawei Huawei B525 / Huawei B618 But also Mikrotec

Any suggestions?

Standard User Jake4
(newbie) Fri 19-Apr-19 22:51:09
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Re: Replacement For HomeFi

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A mikrotik LTE router is good getting signal out of nowhere but it doesn't support carrier aggression (combining multiple connections together to get better speeds) and it's also not compatible with all cell phone towers (for some reason it's not connecting me to a three one that's 700m away and I'm getting put on one that's 1.8miles away).

When my router was pointing in the wrong direction I was getting 5 down 20up to a cell tower in Wales (9km away) so it's good over long distances.
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