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Standard User njb55rtd
(newbie) Mon 12-Aug-19 19:32:49
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Yagi vs Poynting

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My 4G home broadband has been losing speed recently so I'm thinking of replacing the external antenna (make unknown) for a, hopefully, better model. I understand nothing about this but I can see there are two options. Either a "YAGI" or a Poynting-like box. What would be the best option?
Standard User chriscdotcodotuk
(learned) Tue 13-Aug-19 11:20:23
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Re: Yagi vs Poynting

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I've tried a number of no name antennas and they've all been rather poor.
I tried the Poynting omni and found I got zero gain as I already have by 4G modem in my attic and the gain in the antenna was counteracted by the loss in the coax.

I then bought the Poynting directional antenna. It looks neat and from within my attic I can achieve a steady 80mb down / 30mb up connection during the day and late into the evening it goes up to ~100 down.

Sure it costs a bit more but the benefit was worth it. Before I could get a steady(ish) 45mb down / 25mb up

My Broadband Speed Test

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