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Standard User timtay1982
(newbie) Mon 12-Aug-19 19:44:31
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Huawei 311 on 3 HomeFi decent upgrade required

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Hi all, im looking for some advice on what 3g/4g enabled router i should buy so i can launch this Huawei 311 clean out the window......its rubbish...

i have done some research and appears im not the only one. for my busy household its wifi and connectivity just isnt up to scratch whatsoever.

any recomedations of a router that will take the sim card and be an actual improvement would be great. thanks,

Standard User gary333
(member) Mon 12-Aug-19 22:14:41
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Re: Huawei 311 on 3 HomeFi decent upgrade required

[re: timtay1982] [link to this post]
Did you get the device direct from Three and is it still under contract? If so another forum member managed to get three to upgrade them to the cube due to the firmware issues that appear to be plaguing this model.
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