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Standard User jchamier
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sun 16-Feb-20 17:31:27
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Re: Using old phone (S8+) instead of a 4g router?

[re: Ewok] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Ewok:
Skeptical about the signal it will get though, it doesn't even have any antennas, they gotta provide better signal than ones purely inside the box itself? It's clearly designed primarily as a portable device hence the battery, even though it can obviously be used as a home device as well, I wonder if something with antennas external to the box would provide better reception.

The older device (Netgear 810) has SMA connectors. No idea about this new N5.

There is the N1:

and N2:

Which might have SMA connectors?

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