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Standard User willl878
(newbie) Sat 20-Jun-20 03:45:03
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B525 or B535 or LHG router?

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I need a 4G router that can do bridge mode to use with my pfsense box with VDSL fail over.

I have been looking at the Huawei B525, B535 or one of the Mikrotik LHG directional antennas,

I have a poynting antenna for the Huawei devices and I would like the fastest 4G speed I can get.

Initially I was dead set on the Mikrotiks until I realized the single ethernet ports are only 10/100

I am leaning towards the b535 as it seems that it has 10/100/100 ports online and supports bridge mode

If anyone has any insight on stability and flaws or suggestions on other LTE devices I would be more than grateful.

The nearest 4G mast is 1.3 miles away and uses bands 3 and 20 on EE

I normally get about 60 down 20 up on my cat 16 Samsung S8
Standard User kommando
(regular) Sun 21-Jun-20 13:49:40
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Re: B525 or B535 or LHG router?

[re: willl878] [link to this post]
Just be aware the bridge mode being on the 535 or the 525 is firmware dependant, ask for confirmation before buying.
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