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Standard User SSHtank
(newbie) Sun 04-Oct-20 14:57:54
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Two Huawei b525s-23a routers - one root, other repeater?

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Hi all,

Just to make it short I will describe the situation in the following format:

Objective: extending 4G LTE wifi home network for better coverage.

Hardware: root AP is Huawei B525s-23a (Not flashed, no bridge/wds mode), repeater AP Huawei B525s-23a (Flashed, bridge/wds mode, v., thanks to user BioHead who provided a nice guide and firmware/tools pack to flash the router).

Problem: when bridge mode is enabled on the repeater AP all configuration options are disabled to actually configure the router to act as a repeater and extend the network.

So my questions are as follows:

Is it possible to do it using two identical routers, in my case 4G LTE Huawei B525s-23a.

If yes, has someone done it successfully and could provide some guidance/tips?

Would someone be able to share their experience or any tips on how to achieve my objective?
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