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Standard User JayLanx
(newbie) Fri 22-Jan-21 21:18:33
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From TPlink Mr600 to Huawei B818. config issues/port forward

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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone could help me. For the last 18/24 months we've had full time 4g broadband on three using a TPlink Mr600 router. We have very good signal where we are and luckily enjoyed 30/40MBPS down for a long time. Its also rock steady with (for my uses) low ping (35-55ms).

When the iPhone 12 pro came out, I ordered one and using that on the same network at my house, I noticed a marked improvement in my download speeds on 4g at home. Id easily get 110-120mbps on my iPhone in a [censored] location within the house, yet the router facing the Mast at the window would struggle to get 20mbps.

This meant I went down a rabbit hole of making sure I was getting carrier aggregation to the router. the TPlink Mr600 would never properly attain 4g+ for some reason and there's lot of discussion online about it. You can upload a beta software version and specify which bands the router connects to but in my location, I never got carrier aggregation. and 4g+.

So I ordered a Huawei B535 which did allow me to get the 4G+ light displayed so that was a good sign, but there was only a nominal increase in speeds of downloads and uploads. I returned this to amazon as it as very marginal.

Since then I got a Huawei B818 and it seems the antennas and more importantly the modem chip seems to be as capable if not better than my iPhone. Im easily seeing a 6X increase in download speeds. This is awesome and exactly what I wanted when I invested again in a router.

So, happy days, Much better speeds! But now I’ve got to manage with the Huawei interface, which is a bit for me to get used to! I need to set up how the 4g is distributed to my network now.

A bit about my network. We use TpLink Deco M9 Pluses which really do a good job of maintaining as fast a wifi speed as possible, but they are pretty limited in their networking capabilities. They’re very very consumer centric and not at all a pro product. Their interface is designed to be access via App which really does my head in. SO, with my last router, The MR600, this was used as the DHCP server and all traffic was managed by that. the Decos were set just as access points. I used port forwarding to successfully access my home CCTV and Dynamic DNS all worked great. In 18 months I don't think I ever struggled to access my home CCTV remotely.

Now this leads me to some issues with the Huawei router and setting it up how id like. I tried last night for hours trying to get port forwarding to work for my devices but I really couldn't. Im hoping someone much wiser in this field will be able to spot my mistakes so I can change it and have it functioning like my last set up. Last night I even tried to put the Huawei into bridge mode and swap to using the Deco M9s to DHCP server and manage all traffic and forward ports with the Decos. that worked for a while, then stopped. I was unsure how to set up the Ip addresses for both devices. I put them on a separate subnet but I had lots of problems.

I suppose to get the best advice I need to note a few points about the set up as I understand it.

On three I used the APN "3Internet" this gave me much more stable external IPs with my last set up.
I don't believe 3 use CGNAT.
The ports I need to forward are 80, 8000 and 554. If I set them up as a virtual server and check if the ports are open online, they are but it doesn't work and can't connect to my cctv.

Last night I also tried disabling all traffic management and DHCP from the Huawei and handing it over to the TPlink Decos, but even when port 80 was forwarded to my CCTV, the [censored] Huawei router kept pinging up when I used my "external" IP and port 80.

I appreciate this has been a long read and I’m sorry about that! any help/input from someone with a Huawei router with a 4g connection would be greatly appreciated!
Standard User hackin88
(newbie) Thu 04-Mar-21 17:04:41
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Re: From TPlink Mr600 to Huawei B818. config issues/port for

[re: JayLanx] [link to this post]
Not a solution - but adding additional info in case anyone has suggestions.
I have a B535 on 4G.
All working well, but have not been able to get port forwarding to work.
Using 3internat APN - confirmed not using CG-NAT
Have DDNS working and can ping the WAN IP externally, having unticked "diasble wan port ping"
All attempts at port forwarding have failed - tried several different ports and servers
Following a suggestion on another forum I have also tried using 3G only - also again gives public IP that I can ping - but forwarding fails to work.
Have also tried setting up as DMZ - also fails

I am experienced with LAN/WAN/Forwarding/etc. Confident that I have everything set as it should be.

Three CS either don't understand the problem - or do but won't action.

Any thoughts / suggestions welcome
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