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Standard User Rich44
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 24-Feb-21 13:06:01
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BT 4g issues & apn

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If I'm using an unlimited data BT sim does it matter if I use EE apn or BT? I've tried both & they don't seem to make a difference BUT we're having horrendous problems often the signal looks fine with a good connection & it says connected but no data travels at all. I've tried setting devices to 4g only, manually selecting the BT signal & just about every setting on the routers.

Other times we lose all 4g connectivity a few mins later 4 bar Edge signal comes up then 0 bar H+ then after about 10 mins 4g comes back. This I assume is the cell tower crashing & rebooting? Its a rural mast which we are under 500 yards from with line of sight via upstairs window.

I've tried 5 different sim cards, a replacement sim, 5 phones, 2 routers & a USB 4g stick all encounter the same issue. Does anyone have any idea how I can get this escalated as of course 1st line support just fob me off.

If anyone has any other ideas what might be going on I'd be grateful. Unfortunately up until now the signal from any of the other providers hasn't been good enough here to switch hence stuck with BT/EE
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