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Standard User Rich44
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 09-Apr-21 00:48:12
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Strange goings on

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Have had unlimited data from BT, been having issues when data would just stop, instant 100% packet loss, complained to BT/EE they're adamant there's no problem.

Thought I'll prove it got a payg Vodafone sim and noticed similar issues intermittent just like the issue with BT, I haven't been able to identify a pattern & it happens day & night (no street lights here anyway). Bought a new 4g router just in case & same happens.

So 2 different networks & masts (different locations so not a mast site issue) suffer the same problem. Both have almost full signal with good quality.

I'm wondering if it's interference locally as WiFi has a suspiciously short range here vs our previous home & Bluetooth also craps out at shorter ranges. We do have "low voltage" power lines running off poles over our back garden the are only 240v though

We're coastal rural with nothing really nearby, a farm building not too far away & a small row of 18 houses where we live.

Any ideas/suggestions I don't really know what I can do to investigate.
Standard User Pheasant
(experienced) Fri 09-Apr-21 09:16:07
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Re: Strange goings on

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# Stranger Things!

It sounds interference related. When did the issue start? What are the timings and durations? I would start logging the down times etc more precisely. There may be some identifiable pattern to it. With folks spending more time than before WFH etc there may even be a neighbour issue with a particular device or appliance causing some spurious noise that’s affecting WiFi as well as mobile reception.

Have you tested in another location - well away from the yours and the neighbours houses?

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