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Standard User dangermouse1
(newbie) Thu 23-Jun-11 16:41:03
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bt infinity wireless

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hi just got my infinity installed today this morning my sky broadband was working perfectly wirelessly but cant get my new bt one to connect to internet
its ok when i have it wired
my wireless finds it ok but just says its limited
oh my iphone connects ok
is this my wireless network card is not able to connect for fibre optic or can any1 think of anything else ive updated the drivers but to no avail
Standard User MHC
(legend) Thu 23-Jun-11 17:03:08
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Re: bt infinity wireless

[re: dangermouse1] [link to this post]
Delete and remove the wireless profile on your PC.

Set the WAP to no encryption and a new SSID. Then try to connect. If that works, re-enable encryption with a NEW passcode and set up a new profile on the PC ensuring you select the correct/matching encryption variants on PC and WAP



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