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Standard User brush
(newbie) Thu 09-Feb-12 14:03:42
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Wireless AP & Virgin Super Hub

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Hi I've bought an Edimax AP7416APN V2 access point/range extender. After some false starts & reading various suggestions on both Virgin forums & elsewhere I think I've come up with a solution that should fit the bill. I'd just like to put this past you all in case there's anything I've missed.
I will *not* be using the VSH modem mode but instead making use merely of the wireless in the Edimax.
I will be switching the wireless in the VSH *off*.
I'll be reserving an IP address in the VSH for the Edimax & using that same IP as a fixed address in the Edimax.
I'll keep using the VSH as the DHCP server (& extending the licence period from 60 minutes to around 100 hours).
I will switch *off* DHCP in the Edimax.
The wireless security will be the same in the Edimax as the VSH even down to the passphrase/key (it is fairly secure/strong anyway).
The purpose of this is to have wireless connectivity that is a little more reliable than the VSH & with a bit of flexibility if I want to extend the wireless signal at some later date.
Have I missed anything?
Is there a whacking great flaw in what I'm proposing that I'm too dumb to recognise?
Standard User Daniel_g
(member) Thu 09-Feb-12 14:49:15
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Re: Wireless AP & Virgin Super Hub

[re: brush] [link to this post]
I dis similar with BT infinity but run wirless in the HH3 and the old expensive dual band ( got that is better so kept) router with 4 ports not 1 like your AP point. had so used and plug the telly and blu ray in the others.

I did the static address thing, one down from what the main router dishes out and fix that for the 2nd, like you have in mind, turn of DHCP in the 2nd one, like you say.

Works for me

Not changed the lease time but don't see why not. All the bits I have are not on for the 24 hours so guess time starts again when next turned on like the telly or computer. phone on wireless.

Does a 100Mbs port on theAP cope with fast virgin if going to it's max or on a slower package. Read this was going up soon. is the virgin box 100Mbs port or the newer 1000 so gigabit.

1 is on the BT infinity hub and I use this to link the 2nd slave router.
on the 1 of the other 3 100Mbs holes it does not speedtest at the full 40Mbs, does on the better port.

just I thought, but if suoer hub is 100Mbs then no better I guess.

Just with speeds increseing, how long will the 100Mbs ports be ok.

they seem rubbish on just 40Mb speedtest.

What you say in the set up works I think as done. ok a 2nd router with a ADSL modem, not plugged in but still a wireless point and works for me.

Guess the 2nd router is 100Mbs so don't see why my BT hub has to use the faster port. sure it will be ok.

See what other think. I link the 2 things up with 200Mbs home plugs and use the mains wiring for some of the link. Does the job. Not sure if I take the FTTC spped boost to 80 in the future.

Then the 100Mbs ports might start given grieve or the home hubs that might br 200Mbs bet they won't do though!.

your ideas seem good though
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