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Standard User rmaciag
(newbie) Wed 11-Jul-12 10:35:21
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Can Netgear WN2500RP extender "split" 5 band into 2.4 and 5?

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I am considering buying Netgear WN2500RP to fulfil a specific task but I am not certain it can do that.

Situation :
Our local WiFi 2.4 GHz band is getting crowded.
I guess this must be a reason why wireless performance is slowly deteriorating.
I have just tried to switch channels but I do not expect any sudden improvement.
Our WiFi enabled devices are a mixed bunch, a lot of b/g and some newer n capable of working with 5GHz band.
My server and main PC are all hardwired to the router to its gigabit ports (both have gigabit NICs).
Router is Linksys WAG320N, nice thing sitting upstairs in my study, working well, pseudo-dual band i.e. you can either select 2.4 or 5 but not both.
Obviously I keep it on 2.4 as all devices support that.
5GHz band seems to be empty at the moment in our location.
Recently I got some new AV kit, both pieces with WiFi b/g and Ethernet 100Mb ports, currently try to work with WiFi.

My plan :
Install Netgear WN2500RP downstairs and set it up to work in both bands 2.4 and 5.
Hardwire TV / Blue Ray to it.
Configure Linksys to 5 band, that will serve both Netgear extender and some n devices (e.g. a fairly new laptop).
Connect Netgear to the existing updated 5 band Linksys network.

In this configuration I could re-use existing WAG320N to take advantage of the empty 5 band to serve newer n devices and to forward data to the WN2500RP extender.
The extender would then forward the data in 2.4 band to older b/g devices and via wired connection to TV / BR.

It sounds promising, in theory.
At least I think so ...

Key question is :
Can WN2500RP pickup data from 5GHz band (e.g. from WAG320N router) and then forward it via 2.4GHz ?
Has anybody tried that ?
Is it working ?
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