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Standard User roakes
(newbie) Tue 07-May-13 17:59:17
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Netgear DG834PN as Bridge and TP-Link WR740N with DDWRT

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Hi All,

Hope you can help out with this, I'll begin by explaining the situation.

My Mom lives in Spain and wants access to the UK based streaming services, a while back she got setup on boxpn VPN service so she spoof her IP as a UK one and view content on her laptop. What I wanted to do for her was take it one step further and make it so that all devices on the network automatically use boxpn, this will also allow her to use an XBOX 360 which has the best range of services available (Netflix, Lovefilm, iPlayer etc.)

So I checked out her current ADSL router which was a Netgear DG834PN and found that it had no options for passing all traffic on the network through boxpn. A little googling discovered that DDWRT supported VPN Client mode and seems to be able to do the trick.

So as the Netgear could be set to a Modem only mode thus removing all routing functions I thought if we pick up a DDWRT supported router like the TP-Link WR740N we could plug the Netgear into it and share the connection utilising DDWRT to push it through the VPN first, a simple task if I was dealing with a normal cable modem, not so much on an ADSL modem it seems. I am unable to get the TPLINK to pick up the connection from the Netgear.

I think the problem lies in the connection method. On the Netgear router for it to connect (when not just in Modem mode) it doesn't require a username and password which then assigns IP address etc. via DHCP. Instead you enter no login details but select a method called "Use IP Over ATM (IPoA)" which then requires you to manually enter your static IP information along with gateway and DNS servers but as I mentioned with no authentication.

I can only assume they operate some kind of static IP system rather than dynamic and assign that IP to a specific phone number so it can only be used at one house...or something along those lines.

The problem is with DDWRT there is no such option. I have tried both PPPoE which simply requires login information and left it blank, and also tried just static IP configuration entering all of the same details as I would in the IPoA section on Netgear but without luck.

As a side note the Netgear also has an option for static IP rather than IPoA and if I use that instead it also doesn't work, so IPoA seems to be the key factor.

The question is, how do I get this to work in DDWRT?

Any help (including alternative router configuration options that I haven't considered to achieve the VPN goal) is greatly appreciated!


Standard User MHC
(sensei) Tue 07-May-13 18:11:14
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Re: Netgear DG834PN as Bridge and TP-Link WR740N with DDWRT

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Does your mother have a contractual right to use those services?



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