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Standard User Edislaw
(newbie) Tue 30-May-17 09:01:06
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Networking on a Sky Hub

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I have a Sky router approximately two years old, a Viera 500SA smart TV harwired to the hub, a tower, also hardwired and a laptop connected using wifi which also uses a Sky booster for a remote part of the house and both computers run Windows 10.

I'm having dificulties setting upo a network. The TV can see the laptop and its shared fiel system but not the tower although sharing has also been enabled, the laptop and tower can see each other but not open eachother's file systems. I also have a fifth generation Amason Fire and an Asus tablet anda Sonia Experia smart phone, all running Android or a version of it. The laptop and tower both see the tablet but cannot access the file system but the tower does not see either the Fire or the Experia and the laptop sees only the phone.

Sky, helpfully, tell me this is an IT problem, which oddly, I had worked out. They can offer no help as I have broadband available on all devices and that's all they are contracted to provide. A friend suggests my problem lies with router settings but not how to fix them. Can anyone suggest a way of sorting this muddle?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 30-May-17 09:41:08
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Re: Networking on a Sky Hub

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Can all the devices ping each other? If yes then most likely a PC/Workgroup/Firewall/AV or Windows File Sharing issue

Solution: Hard slog of going through the online guides

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