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Standard User BrianC1
(newbie) Sun 25-Jun-17 19:20:51
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Seeing my modem's webpage?

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I'm a bit stuck. I have long used a Vigor modem and Linksys routers. I can't work out how to look past the router to see the modem (linestats and such). I can plug a computer straight into the modem and that's fine. I can even change its IP address to suit. But the router doesn't seem to see it. I've tried various things and nothing seems to work.

Should I turn off the DHCP on the modem? Would that fix it?

I think I'm being a bit thick here! I've put up with it for years now but surely it's fixable?

These days I'm using a Vigor 130 and it seems to be pretty much the same as my old 120. The routers have been various EA series.
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