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Standard User portunus
(newbie) Tue 07-May-19 13:53:14
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Router to replace BT HH6/Virgin hub3

[link to this post]
About to leave BT, issues with HH6 (smart hub) doing resets and variable speeds. I will be joining virgin on the 100mb package. Like BT HH6 the supplied virgin router looks poor and has many criticisms.
Is there a 3rd party router any one can suggest to negate these issues. The reason I mention router for both ISP's is that if virgin is that bad I may revert back to BT when allowed etc. Mention here has been Asus routers. Ideally a spend of 100 pounds ish will be enough? Just one more thing will there be any problem in my continuing using a VPN with this/these options? (it is nordvpn). I just really dislike Google snooping on me!
With thanks,
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