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Standard User jontowyn
(newbie) Wed 12-Jun-19 13:23:17
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Which Zyxel router?

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I was with Vodafone FTTC, but signed up to POBroadband, but with a slower service, not fibre, up to 11mgs, which was fine for me, but I decided to stay with Vodafone and rang POBroadband to cancel, but I was persuaded to carry on with my migration to POBroadband, but with FTTC.
The transfer went ahead, 36 hours downtime btw, but at the slower speed, not FTTC which I had been promised. I rang up to complain and was informed they could not supply FTTC to me. OK, I'm not too worried except for the fact that their supplied router Zyxel AMG1302-T11C, does not reach parts of my house that the Vodafone router did.
They are going to contact me, but when they do I will agree to stay providing a better router is supplied. Suggestions on what router I might request would be welcome. I don't think they would provide me with a top of the range model, but anything with a stronger signal than my present one would be an improvement I'm sure.
Thank you.
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