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Standard User rippedcotton
(experienced) Mon 02-Dec-19 17:45:07
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EE signal booster - getting it working with a Draytek router

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I have had an EE signal booster for a few weeks, it became necessary because I changed mobile supplier and as a result cannot yet use 4G and WiFi calling.

Getting the EE signal booster working has been a pain, but it is possible. What was needed was to realise that the VPN it uses back inside EE's network appears to be unable to cope with the way my home network is configured because they both use and this makes the service fail.

I have a Draytek 2830 and I found that the simplest way to fix this was to plug the EE signal booster directly into one of the router's LAN ports then to isolate that port inside its own LAN subnet (I used LAN2 in the menu) and then to use with the router acting as DHCP server for this network. After a few minutes the EE box gave me the elusive solid green LED and all is sweetness and light.

I don't expect a flood of congratulations but if anyone searches for this problem perhaps it will help them find a solution more rapidly than I have done.



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