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Standard User Scotty118
(newbie) Mon 16-Mar-20 14:14:49
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ZyXEL PLA5405 - Powerline Random crashing

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I'm not hugely technical but I'm using the above hardware to get an ethernet connection to my gaming PC. I've had these for maybe 2 years. It's definitely faster than connecting over wifi and makes my game run a lot smoother (Elite Dangerous).

But recently they drop off quite regularly. So I'm playing away and then I get a Connection Error. I then switch off at the wall and leave for about 30seconds and switch back on again. Then relog into the game and all ok. Sometimes it can happen quite regularly and others its a few days or maybe a week until the next one.

Maybe its that they are just getting a bit old, I dont know. I'm prepared to buy some new ones but wondered if anyone could reccommend a particular model.

Many thanks for your help.

I'm here in the UK btw

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