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Standard User ChrisCon
(newbie) Sat 14-Jan-17 13:02:02
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email with Timico

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I am having the same problem. Tried to access the Newnet order form to add another email account and the login doesn't work. Logged into my new Timico account and there is no provision to add a mail account, so I emailed Timico technical support (30th December) who responded stating that they could setup mail accounts for me and listed to cost options depending on what I wanted. I replied stating that my original Newnet account I had 100 email / alias accounts so I didnít need to pay, I just needed access to what I previously had. They did not reply. Last Sunday (8th January) I emailed Timico customer support asking what had happened to my 100 mail accounts and requesting them to respond with an explanation. One week later and I have heard nothing, but I am not surprised. Big companies donít care about their customers, even those who have been customers from 2000.
Standard User CJT
(experienced) Fri 21-Apr-17 17:16:04
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Re: email with Timico

[re: ChrisCon] [link to this post]
I just noticed this,

There are a few comments about Timico on the Other Providers page:

A few replies were from someone from Timico who I haven't seen post for ages. Perhaps calling them maybe better. They only appear to provide an 0844 number on their site, but the person who posted on their behalf on here gave this number: 01636 858919 The user was Neil A

I hope this helps.


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