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Standard User meditator
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 12-Apr-18 15:38:00
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Re: How to get any Broadband at all

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Postcode NR9 5HJ, which you quoted earlier, is an isolated church property outside of Marlingford, and somewhat closer to Cabinet 2 (which is on the A47 at Easton) than the village of Marlingford.

Postcode NR9 5HR is that of Home Farm, which again happens to be outside of the village but to the south-west instead. I've not been able to find a telephone no. for it but, in the Checker, that postcode again renders only a poor result - ADSL, at up to 2.5M bps.

FRom what you say, MrSaffron, what could have happened was that in 2015, when Cabinet 2 (which is actually in the village of Easton) went live re FTTC, all allocations were quickly nabbed by the inhabitants of Easton. So, as ever, it's a seemingly interminable waiting game for the people of Marlingford. I can definitely remember advising my brother to order FTTC when that Cabinet was first FTTC-enabled, but clearly he wasn't quick enough off the mark and, ever since, has been told that he simply can't have FTTC.

Unless Openreach provides additional capacity for FTTC at Cabinet 2, or instead decides to undertake a special case and extend the fibre from Cabinet 2 to what would have to be a new cabinet (it'd be the only cabinet) in Marlingford itself, my bruv and the other residents of Marlingford will remain in the Dark Ages. Jeez, they've already missed the ADSL Max era, and they then missed the coming of ADSL2. Now they're excluded from VDSL.
Standard User Zarjaz
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 12-Apr-18 16:58:01
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Re: How to get any Broadband at all

[re: meditator] [link to this post]
But they aren’t ‘excluded from VDSL’ ???

There’s just a lack of capacity at present, it happens.

It seems like the chance to order has been around for a while too. Your posts seem to infer that your relatives are being treated like second class citizens internet wise .. this is clearly not so.

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