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Standard User thomaswarne01
(newbie) Sat 30-Jul-11 23:28:52
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Business Hub 2701-C And VOIP

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Hi, i have the new business hub 2701-C
i have found from experiences that the bt business hub is slow on dns requests,

when one mac book pro is using p2p and one windows computer trys to access, say google it takes forever in a day just to load the html and dare i mention the google image logo

Why is the business hub so slow at responding to dns requests when using p2p or even downloading a simple program 500~mb from iplayer?

I do have 8mb connection

Modem Type: Built in modem - ADSL
DSL Line (Wire Pair): Line 1 (inner pair)
Current DSL Connection:
Down Up
Rate: 8128 kbs 448 kbs
Max Rate: 8888 kbs 1060 kbs
Noise Margin: 11.0 dB 26.0 dB
Attenuation: 23.0 dB 15.0 dB
Output Power: 19.7 dBm 11.9 dBm

Protocol: G.DMT Annex A
Channel: Fast
DSLAM Vendor Information Country: {3840} Vendor: {ALCB} Specific: {0 }
ATM PVC: 0/38

Rate Cap: 8888 kbs
Attenuation @ 300kHz: 23.0 dB
Uncanceled Echo: -18.6 dB Ok
VCXO Frequency Offset: -65.5 ppm Ok
Final Receive Gain: 21.5 dB Ok
Excessive Impulse Noise: 0 Ok

Any thoughts appreciated, oh btw i have ordered this from amazon
Cisco Broadband VOIP Router
Will it be compatable with BT Business BBV? (VOIP)
As i have voip and that is why i use the business hub at the mo


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