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Standard User trumpet272
(learned) Mon 09-Feb-15 20:31:16
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Re: Satelite Questions

[re: RossMcG] [link to this post]
It's frustrating when you feel you only have limited choice and it's not great.

I have endured satellite for four years and used 2 different providers. Unfortunately, the reputation is well founded, it's just not very good. I was paying £100 per month at the beginning with Tooway and soon realised that the over subscription meant I was getting nothing of the sort. I ripped out all the equipment at great expense and replaced it as I was sold into an SES product that promised the congestion issue would be a thing of the past, and walked into a product that was even worse. When you complain, there's always an excuse. Some I had were just plain funny. The next thing you find as that your speed is throttled to 20kbps because you've exceeded your usage (30gb) only a week or so into the month. There's no realistic way you can prove otherwise so you pay another £30 to reset. Funnily enough I've used 4g for a month as a hotspot and deliberately stayed disconnected from satellite. Ive used 3gb. So where this data goes, I have no idea, apart from incessant attempts to reload the same webpages that fail. I can not WAIT until I can get up the ladder, take this dish off the wall and throw it in the skip. It will be a good day.
4g is my only realistic solution or 4k a year Leased Line.
On the other hand, I did find I could use VoIP, and download files at certain times, as others have said, if it's you're only option its better than nothing, I have just been really disappointed with the service itself i.e. general web use, and the way it's sold/managed.

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