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Standard User drummer_boy
(newbie) Thu 20-Aug-15 19:01:39
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Satellite Internet UK - SES

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Hi, I live in rual Wales UK and have been experiencing very low download speeds for the last few weeks. reckon this is due to the congestion being high most of the time due to the childrens school holidays.

A helpful person on here pointed out that this company is part of Beyond DSL Ltd and the company's net worth has been growing negatively for over 5 years now, which is a bit concerning.... so perhaps they are purchasing less capacity and squeezing more people on the service etc.

So I wonder, has anyone else experienced the same?

and is there any satellite internet provider that anyone would recommend moving to for a better experience? I used to get about 12-15mb download when congestion was medium to high, now it is at max 5mb most of the time.

many thanks, much appreciated ....
Standard User rorrocks
(newbie) Wed 26-Aug-15 18:24:26
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Re: Satellite Internet UK - SES

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Yes, I'm having similar problems with the SES service. Chronic congestion, terrible latency and hopeless performance in wet weather. Download speeds and latency are better in the wee small hours when most people are asleep which does point to congestion. Wet weather issues are largely down to the pathetic signal strength that the SES spot beam in the UK now seems to have.
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