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Standard User 123brian
(newbie) Fri 23-Jun-17 17:18:59
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Satellite Contention

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The reason given for Satellite Broadband being slow for web browsing is always said to be latency caused by the huge distance to and from the satellite. It was probably not much faster than a 2Mbps ADSL connection. Now that the up to speed has been increased to 30Mbps it is certainly better, in fact lately it has actually been pretty good with some pages viewable after only 5 seconds. This prompted me to do a couple of speed tests early last Sunday evening.

The satellite link 39.9Mbps Think Broadband 30.9Mbps Latency 0.918ms

Presumably this rather freakish result was down to a lack of contention as most of us preferred to be outside enjoying the good weather. In other words the Tooway system is working very well because it is not being overloaded.

Hopefully it will still work OK in a wet winter weekend but if it is too slow again it will surely be because of contention as much as the latency? Perhaps Ofcom could be persuaded to ask providers to publish the contention ratio on a daily basis? Not very likely of course, and I may be mistaken but I get the feeling that we have not been getting good value for some time.
Standard User 23Prince
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 06-Aug-17 11:56:32
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Re: Satellite Contention

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The last time I touched a Satellite connection it was 1 way and I needed a Dialup to request a download. Browsing was therefore better so sorry I can't comment on the 100% over 2 way contention.

I was just amazed people still use it. I guess if it's the only option it's the best one however
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