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Standard User Phproxy
(newbie) Tue 23-Mar-21 07:44:34
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Starlink sign Arqiva deal

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Elon Musk's Starlink inks UK deal for satellite ground infrastructure

In a report to investors published in February, Arqiva said that it was actively “developing opportunities” with prospective customers in low-earth-orbit constellations, naming SpaceX, Amazon and Government-backed OneWeb as “key players”. Arqiva, which reported sales of £902m in 2020, is providing 28 gigahertz spectrum for the satellite network.
Standard User Pheasant
(experienced) Tue 23-Mar-21 12:08:18
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Re: Starlink sign Arqiva deal

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The irony is that the Arqiva dish farm (sorry teleport) at Martlesham in Suffolk is about the same distance from our place as the nearest EE 4G mast, yet will probably deliver comparable (or possibly better!) latency over Starlink than 4G.

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